5 tips on choosing your next powerbank

One major problem that we encounter everyday with our gadgets is the short battery life.

But because most of the time we are outside or either too far away to a plug to charge our smartphones and tablets, our only one solution to power up our devices is to do the charging via a powerbank.


So here I lists some tips on choosing your next powerbank so the next time you need to buy one, you can make sure you have the most reliable and safest powerbank for your most beloved gadgets.

5. Only buy to reliable brands and resellers.

Buying to reliable brands like Xiaomi and Bavin can reassure you quality and safe products. You can make sure that their products undergo several quality controls and tests before selling their products to consumers. Also, buying to official resellers is important. Counterfeit products are available everywhere so beware. Those counterfeit powerbanks are unsafe and could possibly damage your device.

4. If the price is too good to be true…most possibly it’s fake.

A 48,000 mAh Samsung powerbank for less than Php1,000? Yes! I saw such powerbank bank in Baclaran and by just hearing that, we can conclude that the powerbank is fake. Samsung doesn’t sell powerbanks in such high capacity, and considering the price?

3. Know your needs.

Do you really need a 16,000mAh powerbank? For real? If you have several gadgets you took with you, you might need a huge power reserved but if not a small power is enough. Also, know the battery capacity of your own handset, if you have a device with a capacity of around 2,000mAh, a 5,400mAh or 10,400mAh powerbank is enough. The lower capacity the cheaper, lighter and more compact powerbank you can take with you.

2. Know the features you want.

Do you need a powerbank with two USB slots? Do you want fast charging? If yes, there are powerbanks available in the market that have such features. Like the one from Romoss with two USB slots, where one slot has a 2A power output for your fast charging needs.

1. How much is your budget?

Most powerbanks with a capacity of 10,400mAh capacity are selling for just less than a thousand pesos and some might got even lower depending on the brand. The higher the capacity, the more it will cost you.


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